The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

My friend and fellow bookseller Dorothy put this book in my hand and told me to read it.  I knew a bit about it and I balked.  It took my many moons to pick it up again and start it.  And within a few lines, I was in love.  Don’t balk like I did, it’s worth reading and sharing.

Fault in Our Stars is about many things: love of books, love of reading, gaming, friendship, family, death, life, hope.  It is funny and clever and most likely one of the best books I have ever read.  It is also the most honest book about falling in love and what love means that I have yet encountered.  (Just so you know, I have read a LOT).  People might insinuate this is a sad book.  They are wrong.  It is not a sad book so chuck that idea right now.  It is a moving book.  There’s a difference.  There are books one reads and enjoys.  And then there are books that haunt us.  I want a book like this one, a book that lives inside me, that I keep returning to again and again.

So go directly from here to your favorite library or bookstore and find a copy for yourself.  And brace yourself for the surprise and joy of falling in love with a story.

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  1. Lynn A Bonfield

    Thanks, Alta. I’ll try at our small Vermont Library (they claim to be able to get anything), but in the meantime I’ll order it from the bookstore. always appreciate your reviews. Regards, Lynn ________________________________

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