Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan

Veronica Mars meets Harry Potter in this devilishly clever young adult novel. Kami Glass is your typical teenager—she feels like a perpetual outsider and she protects herself with the sharpest wit imaginable. She’s also capable of defending herself physically (she’s no wilting damsel calling for help in a crisis). Yet Kami has a secret. Since infancy she has shared a mental link with a boy (be he real or imagined) named Jared. When the real Jared walks into her life and her small town, Kami’s carefully constructed worldview blurs and then shatters. Kami’s small town is plagued with sayings about the noble family that used to live there, and when that family returns, the secrets they and the entire town have kept blow wide open. A series of attacks followed by a murder lead Kami and her small group of interesting, misfit friends into danger and beyond—into the realm of the supernatural. Brennan’s writing follows Kami’s headstrong, caustic wit, providing readers with a glorious mash-up of teen-coming-into-adulthood insights and magical imagery. The story contains many creepy elements as well, balancing a finely-wrought emotional storyline for Kami and Jared. In perhaps the book’s most sinister moment, supernatural elements collide and several characters celebrate the coming of the rain in a deliciously spooky scene. Brennan has crafted an excellent story and a complex world where the everyday and the magical live side by side.

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