The Last Nude by Ellis Avery

In 1927 Paris, Rafaela becomes model, muse, and lover to Tamara de Lempicka.

Rafaela Fano is only looking for money to buy a dress for work when the glamorous Tamara de Lempicka hires her to model. The painting, La Belle Rafaela, causes a sensation as the two become lovers. A new Paris opens for Rafaela, a world of lesbians and bisexuals, of artists and the wealthy, of secrets and betrayals and spies. Rafaela’s turbulent, emotional affair with Tamara changes both of their lives. Avery’s previous novel, The Teahouse Fire, was set in 19th century Japan. It was an intimate story of a changing world told through one woman’s eyes. The Last Nude is just as magnificent, and also epic yet personal. Both are glittering, smoldering novels of a woman and a world poised for change. Rafaela’s earnest, hopeful naivete and fresh beauty neatly foils Tamara’s brash, brusque worldliness, her uncaring and staged glamor. Avery writes, as usual, with a light, lush brilliance. Although slim, the novel rockets from chapter to chapter as the reader passes each emotional plot point. Visit for the startling, bright, remarkable works of the real Tamara de Lempicka. Many of the pieces are described in the novel with delicate, precise descriptions of technique as Rafaela poses for Tamara.

The Last Nude is a luminous, gorgeous novel of art and passion set in late 1920’s Paris.

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