Writing a Few More Reviews for Elle

I would like to report that I have been slaving (happily) away doing nothing but reading books for reviews in magazines, but that is not true.  I have been reading some excellent mysteries (mostly by Elizabeth George) and some advance readers of novels (Weird Sisters being my favorite of the bunch so far).  The reviews I did write for the February issue of Elle have just been posted on their website.  The links to each of my printed comments are below.  The theme of February’s Readers’ Prize was apparently suicide.  Both memoirs on the topic were enlightening for different reasons and both were well-written, heartfelt, and difficult to read in some places (something you would expect, I hope, in a nonfiction book about death).  The third book, about a young man growing up in the shadow of his father’s cocaine addiction, was so different from the other two that it was jarring to classify all three together in one group.

Without further ado, the reviews are as follows:




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2 responses to “Writing a Few More Reviews for Elle

  1. Tazok

    Congrats on the Elle reviews that were published!

    How many of your reviews have they published now?

    • Let’s see….the first reviews I wrote were in 2009 and they printed one for Mercury in Retrograde. In 2010 they printed my reviews for Some Girls and Burmese Lessons and again in the Grand Prix issue for You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know. This year so far they have printed two, one for Half in Love and one for History of a Suicide. The December issue finalists won’t be available until August, so hopefully I’ll have something print-worthy to say then.

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