Hello world!

Hello!  My name is Alta.  For several years I have worked in the book industry, but all my life I have been an avid reader.  I read books from many genres and am willing to try reading just about anything.  My taste runs from Ann Patchett to Stephen King, to Ellen Kushner and beyond.  I focus mainly on literary fiction, but I also read historical fiction, short stories, scifi, fantasy, memoirs, and food writing.  With this blog I hope to share my love of reading, my book reviews, and my experiences as a reader.


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3 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Sheryl Johnston

    I’m so happy to finally hear from you! I have been to the bookstore many times and have missed you terribly. I would love to see pix of your little baby girl. My grandson is now a year old (Dec. 22). What a joy it’s been! I would love to hear how motherhood is agreeing with you. We have our daughter Amanda, grandson Andre, and Amanda’s boyfriend Steven living with us. It is at times a challenge but I feel so blessed to have our grandson here everyday! Well, I hope you keep in touch and God bless.


  2. Karen

    What a wonderful thing. Can we make suggestions of books for you to review?

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